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Pulse+IT eNewsletter service

Launched in 2012 as a weekly eHealth news service, demand saw Pulse+IT quickly expand to publishing twice a week (each Tuesday and Friday). In 2013 we transitioned to a daily format and currently have over 18,000 subscribers to this service.

In the interests of transparency, Pulse+IT publishes the current subscriber number at the bottom of every news article on our website and at the top of each eNewsletter so you can keep track of this number as it grows day by day, currently at a rate of over 400 per month.

We generally achieve over 33% open rate and have an equally impressive click rate of around 12%. Comprehensive reports are sent to advertisers the week following their campaign.

eNewsletter banner advertising starts at $690+GST per edition.

Should you wish you can view our recent eNewsletter archive and sign up for this free service.

Remaining Pulse+IT eNewsletter opportunities are available here and artwork specifications are available here.

Pulse+IT eDM (electronic direct marketing)

Pulse+IT eDMs are emails sent to selected eNewsletter subscribers, containing content exclusively supplied by the advertiser, save from our contact details at the bottom so the recipient understands why they are receiving it.

We limit these emails to once per week to maximise impact, with eDMs sent on Monday mornings usually.

Our eDM rate is $1+GST per contact, with the count taken at the time the eDM booking is made. We can segment our list to optimise the campaign and ensure you are not paying for contacts that aren't relevant.

Pulse+IT's most recent eDMs received the following open and click rates:

eDM open and click rates for recent Pulse+IT eDMs.
Client (click to review campaign)DateOpen rateClick rate
Ascom 18/04/2017 75.98% 4.69%
Alcidion 12/04/2017 29.92% 2.63%
Akolade 28/03/2017 57.17% 4.13%
CSC 14/03/2017 62.38% 3.14%
AC Events 6/03/2017 39.81% 2.92%
IQPC 6/03/2017 36.02% 3.84%
IQPC 16/02/2017 35.80% 3.91%
Best Practice 15/02/2017 45.08% 2.79%
QLD Health 14/02/2017 43.98% 3.33%
IQPC 8/02/2017 34.52% 5.87%
Ocean Health Systems 7/02/2017 63.58% 6.20%
AC Events 30/01/2017 46.00% 4.83%
ADHA 23/01/2017 60.74% 7.33%

The Pulse+IT Directory is a self-service product, with organisations able to create their own user accounts and listings by clicking here.

Organisations seeking to list in the Pulse+IT Directory should refer to these instructions when creating their user account and listing.

Pulse+IT Webinars

Pulse+IT webinars provide organisations with an opportunity to present their products and services to engaged members of Pulse+IT's audience. Pulse+IT will work with your organisation to promote your webinar via our website, eNewsletter and eDM services in advance of the session, and if you wish, provide input into the content creation process and facilitate the presentation on the day.

To view a list of forthcoming webinars being conducted in partnership with Pulse+IT, click here.

Remaining Pulse+IT webinar opportunities are available here.

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