MediTracker promises to do what MyHR hasn't and put GP record in patient's hand

General practices will soon be able to offer patients a read-only summary of their medical record on their phone or iPad through Precedence Health Care's MediTracker app, which is set to begin rolling out this month to all Independent Practitioner Network (IPN) medical centres as well as any practices using MedicalDirector, Best Practice or Zedmed.

MediTracker can extract data such as current and past history, current medications, adverse reactions and immunisations from the GP clinical information system and present it in summary form through the patient app, also allowing patients and GPs to upload and graph measurements such as blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol, and for all members of the patient's care team to see up-to-date data in real time.

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0 # Vickie Edwards 2017-03-13 09:04
I am curious to know how this differs from Healthi that gives you direct access to your e Health Record for free which includes GP visits , medications etc are we not just duplicating ?
0 # Thinus van Rensburg 2017-03-20 18:20
I have both Healthi and Meditracker running as a trial - on myself as a patient, consumer and at my GP Clinic as a Service Provider

Healthi remains very basic and is currently as useless as the MHR is in terms of a clinical use

Meditracker has a lot more potential but sadly there are a lot of teething issues - I currently have a good summary on my phone that is very useable but they are as yet unable to let the system see my records that are on my phone (Apple health, etc) at my "medical home" on their system. It was there for a while after I created a health summary (as the Care Provider) using cdmNet but Meditracker support deleted it as it was creating duplicate entries on their side - still waiting for them to fix it so that a Care Provider will be able to see the summary and use it as part of the management of the patient's care. At present no one at my "medical home" would have a clue that I even have Meditracker linked up to their records.
0 # Fiona MacKenzie 2017-04-18 08:15
When Dr Van Rensburg registered with MediTracker (as a patient), he used a name that did not exactly match his name in the practice clinical record. Because of the high level of security used by MediTracker to protect patient privacy, MediTracker did not match Dr Van Rensburg with his existing clinical record in his practice and therefore was not accessible. The problem was resolved by registering with patient details that matched the clinical record. We are grateful for Dr Van Rensburg’s feedback, which we have used in reviewing our support processes.
0 # Thinus van Rensburg 2017-04-18 08:35
Yes thankfully sorted. As I said teething problems and support staff still finding their way around their own product - received a lot of contradictory advice during the early phone calls. I trust things will only improve and I am hopeful that I can convince many of my patients to sign up.

CdmNet is an integral part of this - one of the frustrating design "flaws" is that a Careplan can be drawn up and presented for approval but of no approved it cannot be cancelled or discarded. The only options support could offer was to delete or hide the patient's record.
Seems an odd response if the creator of a careplan cannot reject, discard or delete it.

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