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This post is devoted entirely to our new website, which launched a few weeks ago with quite a few additional features and refinements to be rolled out in the weeks ahead.

Whether it be as a reader or as an advertiser, our plans for the new website are more than cosmetic so please take the time to review this post and be sure to get in touch if you have any queries or feedback.

Pulse+IT website access

Beyond rolling out a new web server, new content management system and new visuals, the biggest development related to the new Pulse+IT website is our decision to start restricting access to selected content to paid subscribers, a process that commenced earlier in the week.

A quick note about Pulse+IT eNewsletters

Before I get to the specifics of the website, please note that the Pulse+IT eNewsletter service to which you may currently be subscribed remains free.

With subscribers at the time of writing and a trajectory pointing to 17,000 by Christmas, we have no plans to change our eNewsletter model and look forward to welcoming our 20,000th subscriber at some stage in 2016.

The only thing to be aware of in relation to the Pulse+IT eNewsletter service is that an increasing number of the articles referenced in our eNewsletters will link through to articles reserved for readers with Pulse+IT website access.

Some background

Having ceased publication of our printed magazine at the end of 2014, the introduction of a subscriber model for the Pulse+IT website has been something I’ve been working towards throughout the year in consultation with three of the membership organisations that supported our print offering over many years.

Pulse+IT derives most of its revenue from a diverse range of advertisers who purchase web banners, eNewsletter banners, eDMs, directory listings and webinars, however I have always felt that publishing teams perform at their best when their readership plays a direct role in the financial model of the publication.

With print publishing in rapid decline and online publications of all shapes and sizes struggling to make ends meet, I'm pleased to report that Pulse+IT has the confidence to continue to invest in independent journalism to the benefit of our readers and the health sectors in which they work.

By transitioning the Pulse+IT website to a paid service at this time, I'm seeking to ensure the viability of comprehensive reporting of eHealth and Health IT in Australia and New Zealand for many years to come, and look forward to your support in this endeavour.

So what's the deal?

To maintain access to all articles on the Pulse+IT website, individuals can purchase a subscription for $90+GST per year (three and six month options are also available). With Pulse+IT publishing around 60 articles each month and with the majority of these stories being exclusively covered by Pulse+IT, I’m confident you will agree this offer represents great value.

Before you pull out the credit card, keep the following in mind:

1. You may already have access as a member of AAPM / HIMAA / HISA

Members of AAPM, HIMAA and HISA and receive complimentary access to the Pulse+IT website as part of Pulse+IT's partnership arrangements with these organisations. Usernames and passwords for all current financial members of these organisations have been allocated, however if you are a member and have not received your details, search your inbox (or junk mail) for an email from "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.” or try performing a password reminder at the website using the email address your association has for you on file as your username. Note this may be a different address to the one you are using for the Pulse+IT eNewsletter service. Failing that, contact Pulse+IT and we will investigate.

2. You may already have access if your organisation advertises with Pulse+IT

If your organisation is a current Pulse+IT advertiser, you are entitled to a complimentary subscription for as long as your organisation remains a supporter of the publication. I have contacted all current Pulse+IT advertisers and commenced the process of issuing usernames and passwords to the staff members that have been nominated for website access, but if you haven’t received your credentials, contact Pulse+IT and we will be happy to assist.

3. If you aren't currently a Pulse+IT advertiser, joining the Pulse+IT Directory is a cost effective way to get both promotional exposure and website access

If you are considering a subscription and work for an organisation that doesn’t currently advertise with Pulse+IT, keep in mind that the entry point for an organisational listing in the Pulse+IT Directory is just $500+GST per year. Accordingly if you work for an organisation pitching products or services to the health sector, it is likely to make both financial and promotional sense to undertake a Pulse+IT Directory listing, and in turn receive complimentary website subscriptions for yourself and your colleagues.

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