Pulse+IT Poll: May 24 - Still early days for the cloud

Over the last few months, some of the major suppliers of practice clinical software to the Australian market have announced their plans to release web-based offerings. Genie Solutions launched its Gentu product in April, with MedicalDirector taking the wrapping off Helix earlier in the month at the Sydney GPCE. With new entrants to the clinical software market also vying for attention, in this week's poll, Pulse+IT asked the following question:

Is your practice, hospital or healthcare organisation using cloud- or web-based clinical software?

The results as at COB on Monday, May 30 were as follows:

Is your practice, hospital or healthcare organisation using cloud- or web-based clinical software?
Edition Yes No Not yet but we plan to Total
Tuesday 7 (23%) 23 (74%) 1 (3%) 31
Wednesday 9 (41%) 8 (36%) 5 (23%) 22
Thursday 4 (20%) 9 (45%) 7 (35%) 20
Friday 8 (53%) 5 (33%) 2 (13%) 15
Monday 1 (25%) 3 (75%) 0 (0%) 4
Total 29 (32%) 48 (52%) 15 (16%) 92

The poll results suggest that the majority of healthcare organisations are not yet using cloud-based clinical software, with 52 per cent answering 'no' to the question and a further 16 per cent answering 'not yet'.

As tends to be the case with Pulse+IT's poll results, different editions yeild quite different results owing to the fact that our Wednesday and Friday editions are directed at the hospital sector, with our Tuesday and Thursday editions directed at practices.

With Genie and MedicalDirector - the largest providers of clinical software to the specialist and general practice markets respectively - just releasing their web-based offerings for review, it's perhaps not surprising that only 23 and 20 per cent answered 'yes' in our practice editions.

As hospitals have a greater number and wider diversity of clinical systems, it also makes sense that the adoption of web-based clinical systems seem to be more prevalent in this setting, with 41 and 53 per cent of respondents to the poll in our hospital editions indicating that their hospital is using such software.

This week's Pulse+IT Poll question for Australian readers is: Are you happy that Telstra Health has been awarded the contract for the National Cancer Screening Register?

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