Pulse+IT Poll: June 21 - ALP health policies preferred, eHealth MIA

With the protracted election campaign drawing to a close and eHealth related policy announcements missing in action, this week Pulse+IT took a wider view of the sector and asked readers the following question:

Which political party has the best health policy?

The results as at COB on Monday, June 27 were as follows:

Which political party has the best health policy?
Edition ALP Greens LNP Total
Tuesday 14 (58%) 7 (29%) 3 (13%) 24
Wednesday 17 (49%) 9 (26%) 9 (26%) 35
Thursday 15 (58%) 4 (15%) 7 (27%) 26
Friday 11 (41%) 10 (37%) 6 (22%) 27
Monday 7 (70%) 3 (30%) 0 (0%) 10
Total 64 (52%) 33 (27%) 25 (20%) 122

With over half of Pulse+IT poll respondents this week preferencing the ALP's health policies (52 per cent) over those of the Greens (27 per cent) and the LNP (20 per cent), it is clear that Pulse+IT readers are not impressed with the performance of the incumbent federal government when it comes to health.

However with the election result seemly a forgone conclusion, it is difficult to get too excited about the health policies of the ALP and the Greens, even if they have provided much more comprehensive guidance to the electorate about their plans for health than the LNP.

Regardless of who forms government next week, the post-election Senate and campaigning from within the profession is likely to make it difficult for the LNP to stay the course on many of its more controversial health policies, such as the ongoing Medicare rebate freeze which is clearly troubling many Pulse+IT readers.

As far as eHealth related federal government initiatives go, the My Health Record appears to be the initiative with little indication that anything is likely to change in this regard after the election.

This week's Pulse+IT Poll question for Australian readers is: Which jurisdiction do you see as the most competent in delivering IT projects in healthcare?

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0 # Terry Hannan 2016-06-29 09:22
This is an interesting poll. If some of us considered that the ALP policies were "not so good" it raises significant concerns about how the LNP policies are perceived or likely to work. Until we as a nation logically address the issue that the "models" of care delivery are inherently wrong (as it is in many other OECD nations) we will retain the cyclical political hype about health care reform and costs (short political memories) with no significant improvements in health care delivery. There are major defects in fee for service modelling, poor measures of clinical activities and major deficiencies in timely feedback of clinical data (information management) to induce remedial behaviours at the patient care interface. To these we can add poor patient involvement in the care management process. We have a long way to go on the road to health reform.

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