Heading to HIC as eHealth strategy emerges

It didn't come as much of a surprise to learn late on Friday that the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Health Council had given the go-ahead to the new national digital health strategy. After all, it was revealed just recently that the state and territory health departments were all pretty keen on it and had recommended that everyone at COAG say aye as well.

What has come as a surprise is that the strategy is actually pretty good. We were dreading the usual high falutin' but meaningless verbiage that usually infests these documents but while the strategy is a bit too long, it is at the same time succinct, and more importantly it is written in plain English so even nincompoops like us can understand it.

Take a look for yourself but in summary, there are seven priorities identified that the strategy aims to have achieved by 2022. They are all sensible and achievable and the document lays out some basic but pragmatic ways to get there. To come will be a plan of action and a four-year work program for the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA), which will see things really get going from next year.

The strategy is sure to be a hot topic of conversation at the annual Health Informatics Conference (HIC) in Brisbane, starting on Sunday. There might be some conversation about our top couple of stories too – a big group of Queensland anaesthetists are ropable about having to give up their trusted and reliable IT system for a new one that they reckon is more expensive but at the same time less functional.

Pulse+IT will be heading to HIC as always and we'll be doing our regular HIC updates each morning next week. Give us a bell if you're in the neighbourhood and let us know what you think of the strategy, or anything else on your mind.

Our poll question this week is pretty obvious: do you approve of the National Digital Health Strategy? Sign up for our weekend edition and vote in our poll, or comment below.

Our poll last week asked: Do you think real-time prescription monitoring should be mandatory for doctors and pharmacists? This was a pretty big yes vote: 80 per cent said yes, 20 per cent said no.


0 # Alan Taylor 2017-08-06 16:55
It is a shame that some of the references in the ADHA plan are not publicly available (based on a limited Google search). They should provide the full URLs in references!
Alan Taylor

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