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NZ Pulse+IT Poll: May 23 – big thumbs up for NZ EHR

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman made quite a few headlines when he announced at HINZ in Christchurch last year that he supported the development of a national electronic health record for all Kiwis. While many people that we spoke to at the time were a bit cynical, it seems that some of our Kiwi readers agree with him.

In our last issue of Pulse+IT NZ, we asked:

Do you support the establishment of a national electronic health record for all New Zealanders?

Pulse+IT Poll: May 24 - Still early days for the cloud

Over the last few months, some of the major suppliers of practice clinical software to the Australian market have announced their plans to release web-based offerings. Genie Solutions launched its Gentu product in April, with MedicalDirector taking the wrapping off Helix earlier in the month at the Sydney GPCE. With new entrants to the clinical software market also vying for attention, in this week's poll, Pulse+IT asked the following question:

Is your practice, hospital or healthcare organisation using cloud- or web-based clinical software?

The results as at COB on Monday, May 30 were as follows:

IoT is coming, but is healthcare ready?

Imagine an implanted pacemaker detecting an abnormality, making an automated phone call to the nearest ambulance station, and activating an autonomously driven unit carrying the paramedics to the patient’s location.

Imagine a deteriorating patient’s status recognised by wearable devices, which then activate emergency alarms and communicate to the hospital’s intensive care unit autonomously.

Pulse+IT Poll: May 9 - Smart phones not smart enough for health?

Despite their near-universal adoption by consumers in recent years, smartphones and other mobile computing devices have made little impact on the delivery of healthcare with most healthcare organisations firmly wedded to applications deployed on traditional desktop operating systems. In this week's poll, Pulse+IT asked the following question:

If you treat patients, do you use a smartphone or tablet for any clinical purpose?

The results as at COB on Friday, May 13 were as follows:

Pulse+IT Poll: April 25 - ADHA to the rescue?

With little fanfare, earlier in the week Pulse+IT released its first poll via the Tuesday edition of our eNewsletter.

The question posed was:

Do you think the My Health Record (PCEHR) will succeed under the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA)?

Pulse+IT readers were able to vote in the subsequent editions (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday), with the basic polling system we utilised preventing people from voting more than once in any newsletter.

The results as at COB on Friday, April 29 were as follows:

Archetype collaboration building an eHealth infostructure

For the past decade, a growing and vibrant community of international eHealth experts with representation from 86 countries has been successfully collaborating to create an independent knowledge base of computable clinical specifications, ready to use and share in eHealth projects and health records.

Each clinical knowledge specification is based upon ISO 13606 and is freely accessible to anyone for download. Participation in the development of these computable specifications is also open to anyone with an interest in eHealth and with a willingness to share their knowledge amongst the community.

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