Emerging Systems completes interface to PCEHR

Clinical software vendor Emerging Systems has successfully achieved its Notice of Connection (NOC) with the PCEHR infrastructure, and has also completed testing for NEHTA's Certification, Compliance and Accreditation (CCA) program for packaging and rendering electronic documents and interfacing with the PCEHR.

Emerging Systems is thought to be the first hospital software vendor to go through the full testing process for NOC and CCA for the PCEHR with its EHS clinical information system.

Emerging Systems' CEO, Russel Duncan, said the company had achieved NOC and CCA with Medicare for the HI Service over six months ago, and finished its CCA testing for the PCEHR itself last Friday.

“We self-declared that we had achieved CCA as per the requirements but because it is all very new, we had third-party observers and NEHTA experts go through and re-evaluate all of our test cases and re-run all of test cases all over again, just to make absolutely certain.”

Mr Duncan said that depending on what capabilities software providers want to support, there is a range of elements to achieving CCA.

“There is the packaging specification, the rendering specification and the credentialing specification, and then the CCA for the clinical information system interface itself. Then you have to do CCA for the individual electronic documents, such as discharge summaries, event summaries and shared health summaries. It's an involved process.”

While the hospital sector won't be involved in some of the document preparation and uploading that general practice will, it still has to have the ability to read those documents. Hospitals will concentrate mainly on discharge summaries, referrals and event summaries, but users also need to be able to view other parts of the PCEHR such as shared health summaries and PBS information within the clinical software.

“The CCA accounts for two situations – you do the CCA for any documents that you are contributing, so you make sure you are signing them and the data is valid, but as part of the clinical information system interface you have to do CCA so the system can actually read the documents as well,” Mr Duncan said. “Theoretically, and within limits, you have to be able to display any document the PCEHR sends you.”

Emerging Systems has played a major part in the Eastern Sydney Connect Wave 2 trial, helping to test the transmission of admission and discharge notifications and discharge summaries from St Vincent's Hospital in Darlinghurst to local GPs involved in the trial, as well as nurse-initiated discharge summaries from St Vincent’s Private. The EHS system has been used at the St Vincent's campus for many years.

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