NZ to kick off design phase for national EHR and digital hospital blueprint

New Zealand's National Health IT Board will convene the first co-design workshop for its national electronic health record (EHR) and digital hospital blueprint next month, as it seeks to have a design for the EHR finalised by the middle of next year and undertake a survey on hospital electronic medical record (EMR) maturity at the same time.

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman announced at the HINZ conference in Christchurch last month that the government would build a single, national EHR that would draw on existing, regionally based EMRs as part of a move from a best-of-breed model to a “hybrid/best of suite” strategy, as recommended in an independent review he commissioned from Deloitte.

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0 # Richard Dixon Hughes 2015-11-30 11:59
Suggest reference to hundreds of thousands of dollars should be hundreds of millions. Anyway - makes sense for country the size of NZ to consider a comprehensive national EMR, rather than focussing on summary EHR. Suggest they take a look at Kaiser Permanante in the US for apparent successful implementations covering long-term care for around 20 million members.
0 # Kate McDonald 2015-11-30 12:04
Yes, you're right, Richard. I meant millions. One source at HiNZ put it at $650 million.

I've changed hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions in the story.

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