HSAGlobal adds advance care planning functionality to CCMS

New Zealand-based collaborative care software vendor HSAGlobal has introduced new advance care planning functionality into its Collaborative Care Management Solution (CCMS).

CCMS is widely used in NZ, including in Auckland's National Shared Care Project and in Canterbury for its Collaborative Care Program.

South Eastern Sydney Medicare Local has signed up to use CCMS to manage its Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) and Partners in Recovery programs, and CCMS is being considered by a number of others for a range of collaborative programs. SESML’s ATAPS went live on July 1.

HSAGlobal plans to include advance care plans (ACP) in CCMS for use in New Zealand over the next couple of months and in Australia by the end of the year.

CCMS is also capable of creating a number of care plans, including shared care plans, acute care plans and long-term care plans, with a medications management plan for use by community pharmacists and patients to come on line soon.

Shared care plans are accessible by patients through a portal, and acute care plans are now beginning to be accessible to acute care clinicians unfamiliar with the patient through hospital and GP clinical workstations, including Canterbury's electronic Shared Care Record View (eSCRV), which is based on Orion Health's Concerto technology, now known as Orion Health Hospital.

HSAGlobal's business development manager, Stuart Barson, said CCMS will eventually underpin a national, web-based system being rolled out for long-term condition management.

Clinicians using the technology will now also be able to create and share ACPs and link them to the patient's shared care plan.

Mr Barson said that because CCMS is a flexible platform that has the ability to run multiple plans for multiple programs, adding ACPs was the next logical step.

It will also allow GPs – who normally are the clinicians to initiate an ACP – to collaboratively work with the patient, their families and hospital clinicians on creating the plan.

“Most of the clinicians who are going to do an ACP are going to be GPs, but it's not really part of their normal daily workflow, so in CCMS we do it as a workflow,” Mr Barson said.

“In NZ, through the hospital or GP clinical workstation, you have a window that says 'create new advance care plan', and you would just click on this link and it will take you inside CCMS, you'd follow a series of steps and ... then it would publish it out to CCMS.”

In Australia the system is not yet in widespread use, but Mr Barson said he is starting discussions with NEHTA and DoHA on how ACPs created in CCMS could be published to the PCEHR.

HSAGlobal is targeting Medicare Locals, Local Health Districts (LHDs) and Local Health Networks (LHNs) with the system to enable primary, aged and acute care to work together more collaboratively.

“I think the value proposition is how do you engage all the clinicians and the patient in the construction of that plan so that it's not just something that is done by the GP sitting down with the patient and publishing it to the PCEHR,” he said.

“In an ideal world you'd be connecting the GP to the patient and to the family and the hospital, so the GP might initiate it and then the workflow would take over and push it to the hospital for them to add to or approve, and it might then go back to the patient or the family for their final sign off, and then publish it. The value proposition of CCMS is being able to do that collaboratively.

“Working with South Eastern Sydney Medicare Local we've been introduced to the LHD, and one of its interests is advance care planning. It is early days yet but you can see the Medicare Local/LHD connections actually starting to happen around real services.”

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