ITAC: Leecare spins out P5 Exec for accreditation standards

Aged care software specialist Leecare Solutions has launched a standalone version of its P5 Exec application, which allows aged care providers to comply with the aged care accreditation standards one and four while retaining their existing clinical software.

P5 Exec is an integral part of Leecare's Platinum 5.0 browser-based clinical, care and lifestyle management application, which also includes the P5 Med medications management system and P5 Finance.

Although P5 Exec was developed in 2012 as part of the Platinum 5.0 program, the company has concentrated this year on allowing it to be used as a standalone solution for aged care providers to record and monitor their management, staff, suppliers, quality and safety system requirements.

P5 Exec was officially launched at the ITAC conference in Hobart this week.

Leecare Solutions' founder and CEO Caroline Lee said the application includes everything that aged care managers need to have an overview of management and safety requirements, including staff tasks and calendars, messages, reports and education and credentialing.

It also includes a comprehensive maintenance system that includes monitoring of suppliers and assets, as well as a full document library that can be linked to staff messages, as well as forms and report builders that can be tailored to each particular facility's needs.

Dr Lee said P5 Exec was designed to provide a complete corporate governance package for aged care providers.

“By covering off standards one and four, which is what clinical systems don't cover, we effectively complete the whole circle to ensure that as a manager, users can can log in no matter where they are across the country,” Dr Lee said.

“They can check each facility for where the particular quality indices are, whether it is a staff incident or it's a quality improvement complaint or a maintenance issue.”

It also means that if an aged care provider is content with its clinical software, it can use P5 Exec to cover the other two accreditation standards. “It means that the gap that the industry has had is now filled; they've got everything now in an IT system,” Dr Lee said.

“You don't have to concern yourself with having this little module on the desktop that does a certain function but doesn't interface with others. It can be a standalone application and there's nothing stopping our clients talking to other vendors. We are not there to replace the clinical system, we are there to be an adjunct and fill a really important gap, but in a complete way.

“It is not a token document library or a token HR system or a token maintenance system: these are fully fledged, complete components.”

Dr Lee, who has spent 22 years running an aged care consulting firm as well as designing aged care IT systems, said much of the functionality in P5 Exec comes from an intimate knowledge of the audit, HR, compliance and documentation requirements of the aged care sector.

With P5 Exec, her team has built clever internal features so that when a particular document or form is updated, it automatically updates all of the other applications linked, including in the clinical system.

For example, the staff incidents and hazards section allows managers to allocate permissions for access and who a message will be sent to. “Staff are able to log in and not worry about making a complaint about a manager or about another staff member, because they select who it goes to first,” Dr Lee said.

“Staff are contributing and managers don't have bits of paper from each site being sent to head office, which is where the biggest time saver is going to be.

For things like education and credentialing, as the Platinum 5.0 suite is contained within a single database, a single entry can interface directly from the manager's education calendar to the staff member's message centre and calendar and set up the educational session for them.

“If you are doing a quality improvement form or a continuous improvement plan, you set actions for individuals and it goes straight to their calendar. They can sign that off once it is completed and the program sends the result back to the continuous improvement plan or the quality improvement plan.

“So you are never out of touch with what is going on, but you are also enabling your staff to be able to participate or contribute. It is very quick and simple for them to click on it, enter the details and save, but the information has gone into so many different places.”

Leecare has set the task calendar and staff message centre as the first dashboard seen when accessing the application, so as soon as a person logs on, they can see instantly through their alerts what tasks they have to complete and what messages have been sent.

“Staff messages can also have documents attached to them, so if you have a regulatory change you can attach a document and tell everybody to read it. That document then goes into the library automatically under the memos folder, you can attribute different clinicians to those documents in that folder so only certain people can see it, and your document library is also then linked to your staff messages, to your policies and procedures and to the repository for all of your documentation.”

The application also includes a user forms builder and a facility forms builder that allows aged care providers to build their own forms and fields, which will allow providers to build their own audit tools or incident forms that reflect their own business.

“There are a lot of good tools around that have snippets of this, but we wanted something that was absolutely complete,” Dr Lee said. “This means that standard one and standard four are complete.”

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