Shexie to roll out PCEHR-compatible version

Clinical and practice management software provider Shexie is undertaking an overhaul of its product, adding PCEHR capability, SMD standards and a new server database.

Shexie, which is used mainly by surgeons and specialists, along with a few GP and day surgery sites, is swapping over to a SQL Server database and rebuilding the underlying architecture of the software to allow new functionality, including full compliance with NEHTA specifications for PCEHR compatibility and secure messaging delivery (SMD).

Shexie director Dean Jones said specialists had often been forgotten due to the concentration on getting GP software up to speed with PCEHR functionality, but his company has been working closely with NEHTA to add PCEHR and other eHealth capability to the software.

“I've been jumping up and down about this with NEHTA to get them to pay attention to the specialists,” Mr Jones said. “They are talking to the GPs and everyone else but the specialists are the people in the middle.”

He said his team was aiming to have the new version, called Shexie Platinum, up and running at the end of the year, but as it will contain a number of new functions, a full rollout might take until early next year.

“We are doing a huge amount of development at the moment. We are swapping over to using a SQL Server database, upgrading the version of the development software and all of the related underlying development work. And then, all of the NEHTA PCEHR development. We are doing the SMD as well – it is a massive project..”

Mr Jones said users will be able to access and upload documents to the PCEHR, which in the case of specialists will predominantly involve uploading event summaries and specialist letters. Health Identifier Service search and validation capability for individuals, providers and organisations will be included, as will secure messaging compliance.

Electronic messaging has been a bugbear for Shexie for a number of years, as GPs use a number of different third-party messaging providers, which historically have not interacted with each other.

“We are providing secure messaging compliant with the NEHTA SMD specifications with the assumption that everybody in the health industry is going down that track and will provide that facility in the future, then in theory everybody should be able to talk to each other,” he said.

“At the moment there is a lot of software out there and most of them have proprietary communication methods so you need that other bit of software at the other end. We've found that our sites often have to have six or eight different bits of messaging software on their computer, which is ridiculous.

“The GPs are saying you have to communicate with us electronically, but because each different bit of software is proprietary, they won't talk to each other. We want to encourage people to use the NEHTA specifications and then any medical software package or third-party messaging software that wants to talk to Shexie will be able to, in theory. It is something I've been arguing for and trying to get people to do for many years.”

An upgraded version of Medicare Online claiming will also be included, and in future Shexie will also include SNOMED clinical terminology.

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