TWEQ connects client management to healthcare system

Victorian-based early childhood and parenting centres QEC and Tweddle have completed a rollout of a new client and clinical management system based on HSAGlobal’s CCMS platform.

The two organisations, which provide a range of residential and community-based nursing and support services to parents and families in Victoria, have replaced a number of different systems with a combined platform running across both groups but with different databases.

Health professionals from both organisations work across 14 sites to provide support to young children and parents, ranging from lactation education and advice on babies' sleeping patterns to court-appointed observations of at-risk families.

They have now moved to a completely paperless system they are calling TWEQ, replacing client data stored in Microsoft Word, Excel and Access and in handwritten file notes.

Staff are now using TWEQ for all of their clinical notes, assessments and observations, and those out in the field can open and amend client notes by remotely accessing the system through laptops and tablets.

Janelle Crossett, project director for QEC and Tweddle, said the organisations' remote staff feel more integrated. “They have the latest client information to hand without having to get the file from storage and can see what interactions other colleagues have had with the client and their family,” Ms Crossett said.

TWEQ includes an alert system that flags important information such as an allergy or a history of violence immediately. It also includes shared calendars for greater visibility across teams.

HSAGlobal CEO Matt Hector-Taylor said the system allowed SMS messages to be sent to clients to remind them of appointment, and clients can send texts back to confirm or reschedule if required.

While it's not being used just yet, functionality is available in CCMS to allow the organisations to use a web interface where clients or GPs can complete a scored assessment, which will then advise them of the options available for support. This will enable some clients to receive immediate advice via podcast and videocast, and others to receive help in a more timely fashion.

“There is more coming down the track,” Mr Hector-Taylor said. “CCMS is a configurable healthcare platform with a whole range of different functions on it. There is a portal for clients available, which hasn't been turned on yet in TWEQ, in which clients can communicate with clinicians at Tweddle or QEC. They can see their plans, the problem list, recent activities and notes, and they can enter their own notes.

“One of the things we are looking forward to doing next with TWEQ is electronic referral management. If you are a GP, you go through your system into TWEQ and see whether they accept the referral or not and that would be automated.

“The referral form pops up within that GP's existing system and they can complete it online. You are just accessing CCMS remotely. You can also complete the referral in your existing system or we can either through an HL7 message or via web services create the referral in CCMS. So you don't have to do any data entry – you just click 'refer this patient' and it does all of that work for you.”

Mr Hector-Taylor said the system had been designed not just to allow more efficient client management for Tweddle and QEC but to connect them up to the wider health ecosystem.

The CCMS platform is also being used in Latrobe Community Health Service's (LCHS) mobile wound care project in Victoria and in the development of New Zealand's National Shared Care Plan program.

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