Metadata problem with summary views of PCEHR documents

The Department of Health (DoH) has issued a warning through clinical software vendors that problems are occurring in summary views of certain clinical documents on the PCEHR.

Both Genie Solutions and MedicalDirector have issued statements to users that there is a potential risk in that some documents, while uploaded correctly, are not being displayed in certain views. Users are being warned not to rely on the Medicare Overview or Prescription and Dispense View for the time being, but to check the full Document List.

Clinicians are already warned not to rely on these views as a full medicines history. The Prescription and Dispense View, for example, carries a message that it "is not a complete record of the individual’s medicines information”.

A spokesperson for the department said the complete listing of consumer documents is available in the relevant Document List, such as the PBS list, and there is also a summary of information for each document that is presented in the Medicare Overview view or the Prescription and Dispense View.

However, the desktop clinical information systems (CIS) used by clinicians differ in the way they draw information from the PCEHR and display it, the spokesperson said.

“This will depend on how each CIS vendor has chosen to receive and display information. All CIS systems will request a list of documents available for each consumer record which is provided to them from the Document List.

“All documents that are requested by a CIS from the Document List are accurate and correctly presented. If a CIS has also chosen to ask for summary information for a 'view', that information will not be available for a small number of documents.

“This issue occurs when the metadata contained within documents sent to the PCEHR is not able to be stored in the system and used to display the summary information in the view. In all cases the complete document is stored in the system and available to users from the Document List.”

The spokesperson said the department is implementing a remedy to address the cause of the issue in the December release of the PCEHR.

Genie is warning its users not to rely on the Medicare Overview or Prescription and Dispense View within the Genie PCEHR-viewer to provide a complete list of information from a patient's eHealth record. Likewise, MedicalDirector says users should not rely on the Prescription and Dispense View within the MedicalDirector Clinical PCEHR screen, but use the PCEHR View to check all documents.

Best Practice chief commercial officer Craig Hodges said that according to the information supplied to the company, it believes there is no issue within Best Practice Software.

The problem is not affecting the consumer view of their record.

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