Facts and figures for the PCEHR as system nears third birthday

Consumer registrations and document uploads to the PCEHR continue to grow slowly as the system approaches its third year in operation.

The number of consumers registered for the system is now 2,238,911, Department of Health figures show, compared with 1.66 million in June 2014 and 320,865 after a year of operation in June 2013.

The number of healthcare organisations registered is now almost 7750 – this has grown by about 700 in the last year – and the number of professionals linked to the system through their organisation is now 10,877.

The major indicator of the system's use, however, is still quite low. Only 48,699 shared health summaries have been uploaded, a rise of only 25,000 in the last year.

Event summaries and discharge summaries have also seen growth – the latter to almost 150,000 uploads – and even specialist letters are beginning to populate the system, with 1727 so far.

The number of records uploaded to the National Prescription and Dispense Repository (NPDR) also continues to grow, although there is an obvious disparity in prescription records uploaded – 1,300,255 – compared to dispense records at 576,213.

In terms of views of the system, this is also increasing slowly according to the department's figures, with 30,318 unique consumer views in the month of April 2015, an increase of over 6000 from the previous month.

Healthcare professional “interactions” with the system were stable at 40,664 in April.

As at May 29, 2015:

  • Consumer registrations – 2,238,911
  • Healthcare organisation registrations – 7743
  • Healthcare professionals linked through their organisation – 10,877
  • Shared health summaries uploaded – 48,699
  • Event summaries – 11,588
  • Specialist letters – 1727
  • Discharge summaries – 145,530
  • NPDR Prescriptions – 1,300,255
  • NPDR Dispense – 576,213
  • Unique consumer views in April – 30,318
  • Healthcare professional interaction in April – 40,664

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