MedicalDirector gears up for launch of Helix web-based clinical system

Leading medical software vendor MedicalDirector will show off its brand new web-based clinical and practice management system MedicalDirector Helix at the General Practice Conference & Exhibition (GPCE) in Sydney this weekend, promising a completely new, integrated practice management platform aimed at existing users looking to head to the cloud and at new medical practices setting up shop.

In development for almost the last two years and set to provide a completely different product offering from the existing on-site platform, Helix is not just MedicalDirector in the cloud but a completely redesigned system with a brand new clinical interface, flexible mobility features for mobile devices and tablets and an integrated feature set from booking to consultation to payment.

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0 # Thinus van Rensburg 2016-05-20 09:06
I can see the attraction but until we have a more stable internet connectivity I cannot risk using this. Speaking as an iiNet user who was affected by this week's ;lengthy loss of service which saw us without e-mails & faxes and a very slow connection for nearly 24h.
We are not ready for cloud based medical records if an ISP can allow that to happen to nearly a million subscribers
0 # Simon James 2016-05-20 09:26
Hi Thinus, did you ever have any luck setting up 3g/4g fall back on your router? Perversely these wireless connections can be faster than ADSL and while the costly data plans rule them out for routine use, they should allow practices to stay connected during outages. That said I think web based clinical software will ultimately need to compete with existing options based on the strength and richness of their feature sets, integration with devices and other services, and the quality of data migrations etc. To the user, whether or not they are clicking buttons in a web browser or a locally installed app is largely irrelevant, even though, as you allude to, there are definitely benefits to system admins and developers of web applications. Anyway, good to see some of the major practice software vendors laying down their plans for the future.
0 # Thinus van Rensburg 2016-05-20 09:40
My previous modem was a dual function and I managed to get an external 3G modem working.
I had to replace that modem and the current Billion one has a 3g slot for data - I could however never get the fall back function to work on the new model.

I have at times hooked up individual PCs via Wifi to my phone as a mobile hotspot whien teh ADSL went down. Worked OK but extremely expensive data

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