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Pulse+IT: What products does Zedmed have available to GPs and Specialists?

Zedmed offers a full featured and fully integrated Practice Management and Clinical Solution. We have a single solution which is very customisable to both GPs and Specialists and includes specific features for both, like our Billing Wizard and Chronic Disease Management Module for GPs and our Batch Letter Writing Function for Specialists.

Pulse+IT: What Zedmed features are new users attracted to?

When we were evaluating software for our Medical One practices a few years ago, we chose Zedmed, or Medipak as it was known back then, for its ease of use, stability and security. We were also very impressed with the data conversion and the support that we received after the installation. Over the next couple of years we were so impressed with the software that we decided to buy the company.

One of the key features that is generating a lot of interest in the market place is our Chronic Disease Management Module. This module has been designed to assist doctors and practices in the management of patients care plans, reviews and assessments, including Mental, 45+ and 75+. Prompts to remind doctors that the patients may be eligible for a plan, review or assessment, connect straight into templates and recalls and some very flexible reporting tools all assist the doctors and practices in providing excellence in patient care and benefiting from those Medicare rebates.

A really handy feature in this module is the inclusion of the date and item number that the patient has last been charged for – stopping the doctors from performing unnecessary care plans, reviews or assessments that are not within the allocated Medicare date range.

I also believe that it is the staff at Zedmed that new users are attracted to. We have always had an exceptional reputation through the industry for our support team and we see this as a key strength to the company.

Pulse+IT: Which competing programs can you import data from?

Having been in the industry for so long, Zedmed has seen just about all the software packages come and go from the market place. We have data conversions from almost all current and legacy programs - Pracsoft, MD2 & MD3, Medtech, Genie, IBA Classic, Plexus and Practix, Best Practice, RX, Medwin, Locum, Profile, and Mediflex to name a few. We also provide conversions from multiple solutions and merge them into a single Zedmed database.

We offer free trail data conversions to all our interested clients. It is so much easier to evaluate software when you can see your patient information on the screen and have the assurance that all the information is there.

Pulse+IT: How is the data conversion performed?

Our staff perform the data conversion at the clients’ site, generally the night before they start using the software. With a trial data conversion done several weeks prior to installation, we can also tell how long the conversion is going to take, and provide the client with a full schedule for the roll out of the software.

Pulse+IT: In addition to your own clinical product, do you allow other solutions to interface with your practice management product?

Yes, Zedmed has the ability to separate our integrated solution into two modules – Zedmed Office and Zedmed Clinical. This allows us the flexibility to provide a practice with a practice management solution (Zedmed Office) where Doctors are happy with their current clinical solution ie MD2/3. Usually over-time given the support and stability they see in Zedmed Office, we upgrade them to our integrated solution.

Pulse+IT: Which secure messaging products does Zedmed integrate with?

Currently, Zedmed integrates with a number of third party messaging products including Argus, Healthlink, Promedicus and Medical-Objects.

We continue to monitor and work with 3rd parties, in what we see as a critical component for the healthcare industry.

Pulse+IT: How is training and support provided?

We believe that comprehensive training is very important to the smooth transition to new software. Our training is done on site with the practice divided into Office and Clinical. The day that the practice start using our software (‘Go-Live’) we have trainers on site to assist with any questions and provide additional training to the practice management. Once the doctors are really using the software and preferably within a month, we like to go back in for an advanced training session.

Customers support calls are answered by a “real” person, with over 97% calls resolved by the person answering the phone. This high level of staff product knowledge and expertise sets us apart in the market.

All our support calls are logged into our internal helpdesk solution, which allows us to track each and every call and ensure that our customers are responded to in a timely fashion. We can then run reports on the types of calls logged and by whom, which provides us with information on who may need additional training and on what, as well as what areas in the software need some attention by development.

Pulse+IT: How many people make up the Zedmed team?

The Zedmed team consists of 18 staff, 17 of which are based at our Head Office in South Melbourne and 1 in Adelaide. We have 5 full-time developers and a team of 6 support staff sitting next to each other, sharing information.

To support our rapidly expanding NSW Market we will be opening an office in Sydney this year.

In addition to this, we have partners providing local support in WA (Heron Consulting), SA and Queensland. This allows us to provide on the ground sales and support assistance across Australia.

Pulse+IT: Overview your pricing structure.

Zedmed pricing consists of an upfront fee for the software licenses, installation, training and, if required, a data conversion. Our only ongoing fee is for our support subscription, which provides unlimited telephone, email and internet support as well as all the upgrades to our software and the MBS / private health fund fee’s.

For example an average 8 workstation practice has a software license cost of $7900 and an annual support fee of $2370. Data conversion, installation and training costs are customised depending on requirements and number of staff.

Pulse+IT: In addition to the Zedmed licences, what other costs may practices have to meet?

Zedmed uses MIMS as our drug database (approx. $230 for a single doctor) and ICPC for problem coding (approx $210 upfront then $110 per doctor). These costs are pro-rated based on a sliding scale dependent on users’ numbers.

Pulse+IT: How frequently does Zedmed release drug updates?

MIMS updates are available for download monthly from the Zedmed website. If at any time there are other updates, for example the Streamline Authority Scripts, we endeavour to have it on our website and available to our customers as quickly as possible.

Pulse+IT: How frequently does Zedmed release program updates?

For our major software enhancements, we have a formal development cycle of 6 months. This includes a testing period both internally and at selected Beta sites reducing the number of errors and ensuring a smooth upgrade of our software. These releases fall in time with the MBS schedule of May and November.

Having a development team here in Australia also means that we are very responsive to any updates that are required immediately such as changes in Medicare, MIMS etc. New updates are posted onto our web site when required.

Pulse+IT: Is professional IT assistance required to perform these updates?

No, updates are very simple, they can be downloaded from our web site or we send out CD’s. Once installed on the server by a practice staff member, they automatically copy to the workstations on launching the application. If any practices are concerned about doing their upgrades they are more then welcome to call our support line for assistance.

Pulse+IT: How many practices are currently running Zedmed?

Over 700 practices are currently running Zedmed and these numbers are increasing rapidly. In particular Zedmed is well suited to large sites and/or multiple branches running on a single database so at last count we had over 4,500 users.

Pulse+IT: What new features are you working on that Zedmed users should look forward to?

We are currently working on some small enhancements that our customers have requested, to make the software more intuitive for doctors.

Larger projects in the development cycle include integration with Medicare Easyclaim and upgrading to Medicare v6.8 which includes the DVA changes.

We are looking to provide simple integration to numerous 3rd party clinical audit tools as more doctors require flexible reporting capabilities to manage and provide superior patient care.

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