Confusion reigns over national booking solution for vaccine roll-out

The Australian government is not going to build a new national booking system to support the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out, instead relying on a mixture of existing online booking systems, Healthdirect’s National Health Services Directory and direct appointments with regular GPs and pharmacies.

Confusion has reigned over what the government has been calling a national booking solution, which it was promising to provide to general practices and pharmacies putting up their hands to take part in Phase 1b and 2 of the roll-out, which will see the AstraZeneca vaccine provided to priority groups and then the bulk of Australia’s adult population.

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0 # Andrew Baird 2021-02-03 07:52
Do community pharmacies have appointments systems, and if they do, are the systems fit for purpose?

Please clarify, are Pharmacies being recruited for Phase 1b and Phase 2, or just for Phase 2?
+1 # Kate McDonald 2021-02-03 09:02
Pharmacies are just Phase 2.
0 # David Dahm 2021-02-08 13:18
CAn anybody explain why is difficult to build a commonly agreed standard API? Xero do it all the time with third party vendors. It is because many practices are not in the cloud? Is there no hybrid gateway from server to the cloud possible? This should be on every vendors plans regardless of COVID19.
0 # Andrew Baird 2021-02-08 14:20
This isn't much of an explanation, but there are problems with compatibility and interoperabilit y.

The online appointments' systems do not talk to one another (eg HotDoc, HealthEngine, DocBook).

The Practice Management programs don't talk to one another (PracSoft, BestPractice, ZedMed, etc).

It's not known how many general practices are 'in the cloud'. (that number could - and should - be captured by accreditation and/or by PHNs).

The latest information is that the central booking system will simply redirect patients to the Clinics that provide the vaccines, so that patients can use the Clinics' online appointment systems - or even book an appointment by phone (this still happens in general practice). It means the DoH will not have central data about bookings, which does not matter as they will get data from AIR about who has been vaccinated for first or first and second doses.

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