ISN looks to the cloud for private practice

Medical network specialist ISN Solutions has launched a cloud-based service specifically for the private practice and private hospital sector.

The service brings together a number of partners, including wide area network provider M2 Communications, part of the Commander Group, and VMware provider ZettaGrid.

The service also offers integrated digital dictation or voice recognition from Speech Solutions, while another vendor, VConsult, has partnered with ISN to offer back-end functions to private practices and young doctors, such as managing appointments and calls through to promoting the practice to potential referrers.

“It's a high grade, high availability and affordable solution that is tailored to the medical industry,” ISN Solutions managing director Rafic Habib said.

“Our solution is hosted in a data centre, one of the most secure in the world.”

Mr Habib said cloud solutions are perfect for the medical industry, for a number of reasons.

“Traditionally a medical practice wanting to run a medical application needs to purchase at least a server, a back-up system and an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to run the medical application,” he said.

“The capital expenditure involved with this purchase can vary from $10,000 to tens of thousands, depending on what is needed, the size of the practice and its requirements.”

He said hosted solutions are able to provide all of the required functions without the high cost of desktop-based traditional computing.

“M2 Communications specialises in delivering wide area networks, which are ideal for connecting the practice or multiple practices to the data centre,” he said.

“Speech Solutions, in partnership with a number of medical software applications, offers an integrated and doctor-friendly voice recognition technology that is medical industry-specific and returns letters transcribed and attached to the patient file.

“And VConsult (virtual consulting) offers a unique value proposition ideal for roaming or young doctors that want an alternative to hiring staff and the administrative burden and costs associated. They offer back-end functions, including making and managing appointments, promoting the practice to potential referrers, managing calls and managing relationships with third party organisations.”

Mr Habib said that when designing this solution, it was important to keep in mind that IT fundamentals do not change, even if you reallocate your practice to the cloud.

“Your pathology results, dictations, scanning, multi-tray printing are critical to your practice and other IT back-office functions such as back-up and maintenance of servers must still happen.”

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0 # Dave of Perth 2012-02-17 10:51
Where the 10k for a minimum server setup for pratice came from...
0 # Rafic Habib 2012-02-17 19:45
Dear Dave,

Thank you for your response and I am assuming you are hoping for a break down on requirements and pricing, obviously you can buy a desktop from Harvey Norman and use it as your server however I am assuming this is a professional setup for a business that relies on IT to operate.

Here are some rough guidelines on pricing of systems I would use, assuming you are a specialist practice going paperless and have 3-5 users on your network :
HP ML330 Server 8GB RAM 500GB Disk space in RAID1 $2900 (just above entry level server)
4 Hours onsite warranty (because you don't want your practice down for a week in case of server failure) $1100
Windows 2008 Server Edition R2 with 5 Client Access Licenses $1350
Uninterrupted power Supply $500
Backup system with a 2-3 Months retention of Data and hourly backups $4000
This is not accounting for labour and assuming you will house the server under someone's desk in the practice and not provide cooling or a proper cabinet.
I hope this helps.

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