Intrahealth goes native for iOS

Medical software vendor Intrahealth has released a native iPhone and iPad application for its integrated practice management system Profile.

Profile for iOS is a 'native' app, designed specifically for Apple's iOS operating system, Intrahealth's area manager for Australia, Karam Kanan, said.

“It basically means that it follows the look and feel of the operating system that it runs on,” Mr Kanan said.

The app, available to download for Profile users from iTunes, allows clinicians on the move to remotely access their patients' details, add and update them and allows for real-time synchronisation when using 3G or WiFi.

“It can do it live-time over 3G and WiFi and when it disconnects for whatever reason it starts storing everything locally,” Mr Kanan said. “Then when it is ready to go back online it synchronises everything [with the server].”

The app also enables users to create files or notes for patients. It is aimed at doctors who travel to see patients – such as GPs visiting nursing homes – but also at specialists working remotely in hospitals, community nurses, allied health professionals, disability services and in-home care.

The app features a patient view which includes the patient's notes, measures, results and custom HTML views. The data is loaded when online and used in either online or off-line mode. There is also appointments view, allowing appointments to be loaded along with the associated patient reference data; and tasks view, which allows tasks to be downloaded and categorised and have their status updated on the go. New tasks can be created, even when offline.

Mr Kanan said the app allowed users to upload information by patient or groups of patients rather than the whole database. “You can have static groups that you can enter manually or dynamic groups, which are based on anyone with diabetes or anyone over the age of 25 for example,” he said.

“Or, which is what our users will likely be doing, is you load the patients based on their appointments in the period that you are going to be mobile. So you choose today plus or minus seven days, for example, and it will load all of those appointments for you and all of the patients' details associated with that.”

Mr Kanan believes this is one of the first native iPad apps for clinical software in the Australian and New Zealand market. “What we would normally do beforehand and what others are likely to do is use a remoting app for the iPad, but what you get is the full Windows software or Mac software and it's not touch-optimised.

“The main thing here is that it is touch-optimised and when you are mobile, you can take things off-line and online as well. We already have an online version of our software where you take the entire database with you but ... this is going to be faster.”

The developers have added extra security measures, including password protection and secure transmission of data between the mobile device and the server through encryption. Users have to log on with a two-part key, one on the mobile device and one on the EMR application.

“And with Apple devices you have the ability to track and to remotely wipe or lock all devices,” Mr Kanan said.

A brief overview of the app is available on iTunes.

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