Pulse Rate

As detailed by our email software provider, Mailchimp, each Pulse+IT email subscriber receives a rating out of 5 stars. This rating is computer generated by Mailchimp (not Pulse+IT) and is calculated based on the subscriber's level of engagement with our eNewsletters.

Mailchimp allocates its ratings using the following methodology.

  • 1 Star (negative rating) - This recipient has either unsubscribed and resubscribed, or soft bounced in the past.
  • 2 Star (no activity) - This recipient is most likely a new member, or a previously engaged member who's gone dormant.
  • 3 Star (limited activity) - This recipient opens or clicks your campaigns.
  • 4 Star (a little more activity) - This recipient opens or clicks your campaigns.
  • 5 Star (lots of activity) - This recipient opens or clicks your campaigns.

Why are these numbers important to Pulse+IT?

The Pulse+IT eNewsletter service is free to the reader, with advertising revenue used to cover all costs associated with the production of eNewsletters, and the journalism they contain. The higher the levels of engagement with the service (measured by 'open' and 'click' rates), the more sustainable the service becomes in turn.

What impact does my Pulse Rate have on me as a Pulse+IT subscriber?

Having a low Pulse Rate will not lead to your subscription being cancelled, however only subscribers with a Pulse Rate of 4 or 5 are eligible to win our subscriber prize draws.

How do I improve my Pulse Rate

There are three ways to improve your Pulse Rate:

  1. Click on links to articles in Pulse+IT eNewsletters.
  2. Open emails, keeping in mind that Mailchimp can only record an 'open' if you download the images in the email.
  3. Forward emails to colleagues that may enjoy them.

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